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Sesi Motors is making it easier than ever for our customers to order their next vehicle in minutes.

No more waiting for the perfect New Mazda to hit the lot. Now, customers have the luxury of ordering their next new vehicle from the comfort of their own home. No waiting and no leaving the house? Sounds like a deal!

Don't believe us? Check out these amazing benefits of ordering a vehicle right now versus waiting:

  • Mazda builds ordered units first.
  • You can extend your lease while the vehicle is being built.
  • Stress free piece of mind that your needs are being addressed and you can stay in your current vehicle while the new one is begin built.

Once a vehicle is ordered, customers will be notified as soon as it becomes ready for pick-up. Or, choose our home delivery option-within 100 miles.

Take advantage of Sesi Motors' "Don't Wait-Order Now" option today and be an instant step closer to driving a vehicle that's perfect for you or your family!

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