Travelling Safely with Our Dogs and Cats

Spot and Fluffy are members of the family. They may not be called Spot and Fluffy, but dogs and cats need to travel with their family some times. How does someone make sure that their dog or cat can get to the destination safely? How does a pet owner ease the animal’s anxiety?

Easing anxiety for dogs is easier than easing anxiety for cats. Dogs need to be taken on regular trips, and some canines simply enjoy car trips. Cats need to be taken on regular car trips, but felines are far less comfortable in automobiles than their distant canine cousins are.

Easing feline anxiety starts with taking them on regular car trips in a car carrier. Make sure these trips do not always end at the veterinarian's office. Cats, like humans, have memories. If they associate car trips with unpleasant experiences, they are less likely to want to travel with their human companions.



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