Don't Wind up Stuck: Check Your Car Battery

Testing the car battery is easier than you might think. You'll need a terminal cleaning tool, safety glasses, voltmeter, and good pair of gloves. Be sure the car lights and engine have been turned off before working near the battery. If the battery terminals have any corrosion, use the terminal cleaning tool or wire brush to create a good contact point.

Your voltmeter has a red and black cable, red goes on positive terminal of battery first. The black cable next, goes to negative side of the battery. The voltmeter will show the battery is still in good shape if the reading is 12.4 or higher. If the reading shows 12.2 or lower, the battery is having trouble holding a strong charge.

Don't wait until the car battery fails and you need a jump-start; our team at Sesi Mazda will inspect the charging system today to make certain no issues exist.

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