Look Carefully at Some of the Mazda3 Sedan Safety Features

Our team at Sesi Mazda are excited to announce the arrival of the Mazda3 sedan on our lot. Recognized again as a popular compact car, today we have to give credit to a few safety features that have motorists excited.

The Mazda3 has a Lane-Keeping System for making certain you are not driving distracted or tired. If the sensors that monitor the position on the road recognize that the vehicle has drifted over the lane line, then you'll feel a series of vibrations in the steering wheel so you can take corrective action as quickly as possible.

With the Pre-Collision Assist feature in the all-new Mazda3, your vehicle is going to be able to spot trouble down the road long before you even see an issue. Scanning ahead for a collision threat, your vehicle will flash warnings before pre-charging the brakes so you are able to come to a stop in plenty of time.



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