Which Mazda3 5-Door Will You Choose?

We here at Sesi Mazda understand the importance of finding a new car with the right set of features and style to match your needs. With three trim options available, the Mazda3 5-Door has options available that can fit you with this popular hatchback.

The side mirrors on the Touring trim come complete with a color that matches the body color of your Mazda3. These side mirrors come with heating elements built in to make cold winter commutes easier. Integrated turn signals help to make drives safer by making your lane changes more visible.

The Mazda3 5-Door has intelligent windshield wipers that can adapt to changing weather conditions. When you set the wipers to automatic, sensors detect the amount of rainfall hitting the windshield. The wiper speed will increase as needed to keep the windshield clear and will automatically slow down as needed so that you can keep your eyes on the road.



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