The Mazda6 is Not Only Sporty but Also Safe

There's no doubt that it's enjoyable to drive a Mazda6. As a mid-size sedan, there's plenty of room to get comfortable, and the engine lets you zip around town with ease.

The Mazda6 also comes packed with safety features so you can drive with more confidence. The Blind Spot Monitoring system can be engaged at all times, alerting you whenever there's a vehicle on either side of you but just out of sight. When you're driving at slower speeds, like in a city or parking lot, the forward-sensing camera will kick into gear. It can be used to sense objects ahead of you. If there are, you'll be warned, and the car can even apply the brakes for you.

You can visit Sesi Mazda in Ann Arbor, MI if you have any questions about the Mazda6 or want to take one for a test drive.

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