How to Tell if Your Ignition Needs Service

An ignition system heats an electrode to ignite the engine of a vehicle. There are many components to an ignition system, and each component must function properly for the best engine performance. There are certain warning signs that can let you know your vehicle's ignition is in need of car repair.

An ignition may need to be inspected by a mechanic if you are having problems starting your vehicle. Many car owners assume a car that doesn't start is because of a dead battery, but this isn't always the case. Furthermore, a grinding or whining noise coming from the engine could also mean the ignition is damaged. Engine misfiring and vehicle stalling are also warning signs of a faulty ignition, which is usually because of a faulty ignition coil.

Keeping your ignition in optimal condition is vital for the overall performance of your vehicle, so any waning signs should be taken seriously. To get your ignition serviced, visit Sesi Mazda in Ann Arbor, MI.

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